Monday, September 24, 2012

Tradition Meets the 21st Century

Waiting For A Train, 2012
I thought the contrast between the smartphone and the traditional headscarf and long dress was striking. And how about that bag. Could it be redder?


Barry Kidd Photography said...

I have always likes street photography but rarely, or should I say sadly, do I ever get the nerve to snap photos of strangers on the street.

Perhaps that's something I really need to work on as there are so many great shots out there.


Addison said...

I find it's easier to take photos of people in New York, especially in touristy spots but in other places too, because cameras are everywhere. Point-and-shoots like mine are common, as are DSLRs, and most people's cellphones are cameras too. "People take pictures of each other" has never been more true. Also, compared to when I first had a camera, I think I'm less shy of taking pictures in public. I think it gets easier the more you do it.

Barry Kidd Photography said...

Sorry if I double post here today. The text box is giving me issues.

Anyway, I guess it would be easier in a large city. For the most part however my travailing days are done except a bit of work in DC here and there.

Even then it's usually straight down, do the job and get out. I guess you can't get street shots unless you spend some time on the streets.

One of these days I'm going to have to do what you are taking about. Just get bold and do it.

Happy day,