Sunday, December 28, 2008

Everyday I Have the Blues #13
CompuServe remains a source of surprising copy. I call this one It’s A Hell of a Wine.
Zin vs. Primitivo
What happens when American Zinfidels
go head-to-head with Italian Primitivos?

Everyday I Have the Blues #12

Sara Elder had a good story in The Times last month called “Learning How to Walk (Chewing Gum Not Included), about retraining adults to walk in a non-stressful way. It was quite interesting but I’d say it illustrates the danger of cutting and pasting from your notes. I scanned the relevant part of the article and tried to highlight the passages that escaped the copy editor’s eye, but if the highlighting is hard to read here they are:

“Each part of the body has it’s own job, and everything is connected.”

“You can’t make your bones go in different direction than than they want to go in,” he said.

said Ms Goldman, the editor of a marketing trade magazine.

And darned if they arent all in the version of the story posted on the Web.

NOTE: I checked the story on August 27, 2009, and
than than” had been corrected in the online version. The other mistakes were still there.