Saturday, January 08, 2011

Everyday I Have the Blues #20

Rather than pin the blame on one of the reporters, let’s award this one (second paragraph, second line) to the Reuters copyeditor. Way to go, CE!


Andrew Williams said...

You're awesome Addison! But I'm s little confused.

Didn't Addison deWitt (George Sanders) in "All About Eve" kill himself?

He said before he died, "I started to get bored". Which puts me in awe!

Thank you so much for reading my pages! And I won't blame you one bit if you don't allow this comment! Ha!

But Addison deWitt (and George Sanders) are deep in my soul!


Addison said...

Andrew, thanks for the kind words.

I prefer to think that though George Sanders killed himself, Addison deWitt lives forever.

Andrew Williams said...

He does indeed!

Else I would never have remembered or mentioned him to you!

He's part of us! Ha!

Andrew deWilliams