Thursday, September 11, 2008

Everyday I Have the Blues #8

David Pogue had me awfully confused today. In his State of the Art column, “Nontechies, This One's For You,” he threw what looks like a comma splice into his review of the Peek.
The power cord ends in a micro U.S.B. connector, alas, you can’t recharge the Peek from a computer, as you can with a BlackBerry or an iPod.
I had to read that pesky sentence two or three times and I still don’t know why he didn’t either put a semicolon after “connector” or just split the darn thing into two sentences. If anyone can explain what he was doing there I’d love to hear it.
“Nontechies, This One's For You,” by David Pogue. Page C1, The New York Times, September 11, 2008.

NOTE: Read the comment for David Pogue’s response.

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pogueNYT said...

I can most definitely explain, and it's quite simple: I DID use a semicolon.

In fact, I just checked. I opened the final edited draft as I submitted it to The Times, and the semicolon is still there.

But somewhere in that final editing pass, someone mis-parsed the sentence and changed it to a comma! I have no clue why. Tired, probably.

Anyway, I've asked them to fix it in, at least, the online version!